Sunday, 7 August 2011

Organic Free Range Corn Fed Broilers

Our free range broilers are kept from day old chicks up to slaughtering at between 10-12 weeks. We raise our chickens for longer to guarantee the best quality meat for our customers. As we feed our chickens with yellow maize you get the famous flavor and texture of the organic, free- range, corn fed chicken.  Our feed is produced with maize grown on the farm and is mixed with soya and mineral supplements. The chickens are housed in self made predator proof, moveable houses. The houses are on legs to prevent attack by red ants and prevent excessive moisture in the litter. We move the houses every cycle so the chickens get ‘fresh’ ground which is free of parasites. Chickens are given free range of whatever is growing in the area they are foraging and are controlled by a 1m moveable fence. The chickens find considerable and diverse food from the pasture and also have access to dust, soil and insoluble grit, all of which a very important for chicken health. Our chickens also help to cycle nutrients back to our land, we aim to have the chicken finish all edible and living plants in the range area before we take them for slaughter. Effectively they weed and fertilize the ground ready for the next crop. We also use wheat and Lucerne, a high protein legume, grown together as a self harvested feed system in which the chickens are let out onto the wheat when it begins to mature. This helps us to save on feed costs and gives us a very fertile area for the next crop. Our dressed broilers market for ZMK 20000 per KG and ZMK 14000 per KG for live birds. Place you orders now!
The houses are on legs to prevent red ant attack and provide shade for the chickens during the day.

Chickens weeding and fertilizing the ground, ready for a maize crop.
Healthy, active chickens.
Good morning chickens.